Rowing in the Same Direction: Rhize Tech & EOS

Rowing in the Same Direction: Rhize Tech & EOS

The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the impact EOS has on the companies — and the people — who practice it.

This past year, I worked with Rhize Tech to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System into their company.

Rhize Tech is the first large-scale information technology solutions company within perfect proximity to even the most remote mountain communities. They provide world-class technology solutions to businesses, primarily hospitals and schools. 

Rhizomes are organisms in nature that can grow from any point—like an aspen tree that spreads from the roots instead of a single seed. And just like the spidery roots of a sprawling aspen grove, we are all connected through the web.

Rhize Tech navigates this complex technology-driven world bringing big city technology and access to remote locations. Rhize above what you thought possible. Rhize above with elevated technology solutions that will set your business free. 

Hear from Terry Williams, Founder and CEO of Rhize Tech, about his experience implementing EOS.

Why did you decide to try EOS in your business?

EOS is popular in peer groups, including Vistage. Being familiar with it, and knowing Bob did EOS, prompted me to explore it for Rhize Tech. Bob came and did an intro presentation for our team. Hearing about all of the value it had for fellow business owners, Bob’s presentation helped us decide it was the right move.. We were building a business, and it’s helpful in growing a business.

What was the process like?

Getting everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction, rather than just having a CEO with the vision in his head. 

The team got on board quickly and became engaged and supportive early on in the process. We created and became aligned on the vision of the organization: what our values were, what our core focus is, measurables. 

It’s easier for the CEO because I’m the guiding light. It was probably more challenging for the rest of the team to go through the process, but now it feels like our vision is shared by all.

What impact has EOS had on your business?

We continue to grow year after year. It’s improved culture, customer experience and satisfaction. It really gave the team more understanding of what they’re doing and their greater purpose. Level 10 Meetings help us stay on track and stay focused on what’s most important.

What would you say to someone who’s considering implementing EOS?

EOS might not fit for a large corporation or one-person shop, but it’s critical for those who are in the right space. The structure is similar to a corporate experience. It’s a simplified version of a large corporate structure — The visionary is CEO, Integrator is COO, etc. Someone who has never worked in a large corporation has never experienced corporate structure, so EOS can help create and simplify that.