Spreading Smiles: How Today’s Organizations are Putting Their People First

Spreading Smiles: How Today’s Organizations are Putting Their People First

4 Ways EOS Impacts Company Culture & Employee Satisfaction 

One of the most rewarding things about helping businesses work through EOS? Watching how impactful putting people first (and treating them like your greatest asset) can be for organizations. 

Employee engagement and a healthy organizational culture are both pivotal components to running a successful business. While this milestone may feel like an impossible feat to achieve for many of those in leadership positions, we’ve witnessed just how transformational introducing EOS can be for a company. 

Through a holistic EOS approach, businesses have the opportunity to strengthen culture, create sustainable change, and ensure employees are not only aligned with the company’s vision, but truly happy and engaged as well. 

Minneapolis-based ad agency, Media Bridge Advertising, has achieved phenomenal success, earning accolades like being named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies, as well as a Best Places to Work in Minnesota. CEO Tracy Call attributes the agency’s continued prosperity to using EOS

When speaking about her favorite tool, Delegate and Elevate™, Tracy shares, “D&E has been huge in helping my team find their sweet spots. People who used to do things like social media are now doing video production, animation, and account management. One employee has now touched nearly every department, and he thrives a little more each time he moves. Another just discovered that she loves analytics, dashboards, and marketing calendars, which isn’t at all what we hired her for. I love those discoveries!”

Your business has the same opportunity to thrive. 

Here are four ways EOS can help improve operations and employee morale. 

Establishes Accountability

Each employee has their own set of personal development and career goals – and they’re looking for how their vision aligns with larger company goals. 

Since there’s tons of room for misinterpretation, it’s vital to have a system in place that communicates expectations and monitors individual and collective progress. 

By establishing these processes, it allows businesses to identify when a goal is off-track and what the individual needs to bolster their success. Whether it’s re-prioritizing work, reevaluating the goal based on current market trends, or simply supplying them with additional resources – this helps employees celebrate each win – both big and small. The added layer of accountability you can create through EOS helps eliminate the top-down corporate feeling that causes dissatisfaction for many employees. 

Bolsters Internal Alignment

EOS helps foster transparency. When there is open communication and clarity, it infuses purpose into each employee’s role, as they understand how they are contributing to larger company objectives. When staff feels like they’re performing meaningful work, it boosts overall satisfaction and engagement. 

On a monthly or quarterly basis, businesses with an EOS planning process in place can map accomplishments for the past quarter, as well as speak to their three, five, and ten year goals. It also furnishes the team with the opportunity to review the company’s core purpose and values, as well as marketing strategy and upcoming benchmarks they’re targeting. 

For Tracy Call at Media Bridge, having an EOS system was incredibly beneficial in helping the company navigate the unexpected and unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared the following: 

“When remote working started, we also implemented twice-daily team huddles, where each person has to state one thing they’ll get done that day and one way they’re going to help someone else. We had never done anything like that before, and it’s done wonders to keep us connected. We also did IDS™ sessions with our clients to help them through the problems they were facing at the start of the pandemic. They’ve never forgotten that we were there for them at a critical time — reaching out and being proactive when others were running for the hills. You can’t put a value on that. It’s priceless.”

Sets the Stage for Transparency

Nothing translates into employee happiness quite like having transparency on the following facets:

  • Clear and measurable goals (discussed & agreed upon by the team).
  • Strategies being implemented to reach said goals. 
  • Tasks for each strategy established, spelled-out, and assigned to the appropriate parties. 
  • Analytics that reveal key metrics for each task, as well as up-to-date information on what’s been completed to date. 
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly check-ins to review progress, create space for brainstorming and innovation, and provide support for any obstacles that may arise. 

When EOS processes are followed with intention, it removes question marks from the equation and ensures the entire team is on the same page. No one wants there to be mystery or uncertainty surrounding their responsibilities as an employee. 

What’s more, when your staff has a clear understanding of what role each department and team member plays, it fosters an environment of collaboration and ensures processes are carried out seamlessly. 

Creates a Shared Language

Through EOS, organizations have the ability to establish a unified language and cadence that everyone supports and adopts. When communication and organization are optimized, it allows your business to execute work that is higher in quality. Same applies to structuring team meetings – not only does it improve focus, but it ensures meetings are efficient and impactful. 

These are four of the many ways EOS values employee happiness and fulfillment. What’s more, your business will see a corresponding uptick in retention rates, as well as productivity and engagement levels when your staff feels recognized and included in the larger picture. 

This is what truly drives my passion for helping businesses – creating an environment where employees feel happy, valued, and fulfilled is incredibly gratifying.