What does leadership look like in 2021?

What does leadership look like in 2021?

Leaders rise to the occasion — even when that occasion is crisis. For many, 2020 felt like one long crisis roller coaster. It brought us all kinds of challenges, and silver linings.

The past year offered up no shortage of opportunity for people to step up and lead.

As Drew Dudley says in a great Ted Talk, “we’ve made leadership into something bigger than us. We’ve made it into something beyond us,” as if it’s a title that someday we’re going to deserve. The truth is, each of us has the opportunity to practice leadership every day, even (and especially) when challenges arise.

A recent article by EOS Worldwide highlights a few ways you can lead your team or company through hard times.

“If you’re part of a seasoned leadership team, then you’ve weathered other storms –recessions, economic downturns, or a decreased demand for your products or services. Knowing how to stay calm, take action, and lead through a crisis is critical to organizational survival. At EOS®, we believe that leadership teams can seize this moment to get reset on their core targets, Core Focus™, and core values and then get realigned to become even stronger than before.”

Here are the 4 ways you can continue to lead your team through obstacles this year, and still come out stronger.

1. Put the company first. Keep the long-term in mind as you make tough decisions about the immediate future.

2. Stay logical. Mark O’Donnell, visionary at EOS Worldwide says: “Assess what you have at your disposal right now and in an almost unemotional manner, accept those brutal facts and move forward.”

3. Keep your process. Be diligent about maintaining structure in your organization. Using tried and true tools and systems will help create stability and resilience.

4. Be your best self. To be an effective leader, you must take care of yourself first. Sleep, exercise, and take care of your mental health so you can lead from a place of strength.

As you move into 2021, remember the power of great leadership that that you are empowered to be a leader no matter what the state of the world.