How our core values show up in the EOS process

How our core values show up in the EOS process

When your company is guided by core values, it impacts company culture, decision-making and problem-solving. Core values define the way you show up in your work — and how your company shows up in your industry.

In EOS, core values are a big piece of the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™). Following EOS helps you integrate your company’s core values into your employees and leadership team on a deep level.

Here at OpExNow Advisers, our core values guide the way we help entrepreneurs get the most from their businesses. To give you an idea of how core values can show up in a tangible way, take a look at ours.


When helping entrepreneurs and businesses implement EOS, I value transparency in the way I work. I like to be open with others about my past struggles because often times, our personal challenges and growth experiences resonate.


Our willingness to help others regardless of financial opportunity is a value that’s deeply engrained in what we do. I often help entrepreneurs self-implement at no charge — the relationships I build in doing so lay the groundwork for reaching my target marketing, and I get to do what I love and give back along the way.

Confident & Humble

Knowing I can contribute to the success of other companies, while realizing I do that through facilitating the development of their strengths, is a balance I value. I have actually built a business that I sold using EOS. I am very transparent and open to share failures and successes, and I’m intuitive: skilled at sensing the elephant in the room. I carry these strengths with me when helping companies implement EOS, while remaining a humble listener and facilitator.

No one knows what’s best for your company than you; I’m here to share a system of tried-and-true tools and help you apply them to your business.


We aim to cultivate courage, compassion and connection in business by approaching obstacles and opportunities wholeheartedly.

I also wholeheartedly believe in EOS. If you don’t receive value in any session I facilitate for your company you do not need to pay for the session. No questions ask and explanation needed.


I can’t expect leadership teams to be open and honest with one another if that’s not a value I’m practicing myself. In valuing and practicing vulnerability, I’m open with others about my weaknesses and fears, so that they can trust me to guide them through such a transformational process.

OpExNow Advisers exists to help companies get organized, measure success and efficiently deal with issues that are holding them back from obtaining their goals. We do this by being very open, honest and caring while holding them accountable to what their goals and core values are — and by embedding our one values into the work we do every day.