EOS in action: How scaling became possible for this local marketing agency

EOS in action: How scaling became possible for this local marketing agency

The #1 most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the impact EOS has on the people who practice it.

Today, I want to share some of that experience with you.

This year I worked with a marketing agency to implement EOS in their business. Fruition Studio is a creative company for visionaries. Offering micro-budget marketing services and 1:1 coaching, Fruition Studio helps small businesses share their message and grow — while falling in love with the power and process of marketing.

Their philosophy and method is highly creative and essentially heart-centered. So what good could a rigid organizational system like EOS?

I would highly recommend Fruition Studio to any business owner who is tired of not getting results from generic marketing efforts. Paige does an amazing job capturing the heart and sole of your business in a marketing campaigns she creates.

As Paige Slaughter, founder and lead strategist at Fruition Studio, discovered, the Entrepreneurial Operating System paves a way for innovative and purpose-driven companies like hers to become more impactful, efficient and profitable businesses.

After working alongside Paige to self-implement EOS, we asked her a few questions about her experience.

Why did you decide to try EOS in your business?

Bob’s passion for EOS basically oozes out of him. I reached a point in my business where it became clear: if I was to continue creating the life and impact I want, that I needed to scale, or quit. I was excited about the idea of implementing a system that could help me break down my vision into tangible steps and figure out how to scale in a profitable way.

What was the process like?

First, at Bob’s suggestion, I read the book Get a Grip. It’s a fictionalized story about a company who worked through the EOS process because they were stressed, unproductive and stuck. I literally cried and laughed out loud. There are so many things we feel and experience as entrepreneurs, and they’re not all great. But I could relate to the characters’ struggles and desires, and it was so exciting to follow this make-believe team as they transformed those obstacles into systems and beautiful moments. After reading that book, I was hooked.

Bob helped me work through the EOS process one step at a time. We began by creating an Accountability Chart. And even though, at the time, I had no employees, it was unbelievably helpful to define the roles that make up my business. The clarity I gleaned from that exercise alone helped me know exactly who I needed to hire first, and what their role would be.

Then we created my V/TO, which gave me a clear direction in terms of what I wanted to achieve through my business. 

The whole process was empowering. I left every session feeling inspired and clear on what I needed to do next.

What impact has EOS had on your business?

I hired and trained my first employee with great success. I spend less time wasting time, and on days when I feel tired and lost, it’s incredibly reassuring to return to the simple structure and plan we created together.

EOS has been a game-changer. It not only helps me think about business differently, but gives me the tools to make real changes on the ground, every day. 

As a creative professional and visionary to the core, I find tremendous value in the structure and clarity EOS creates. Fruition Studio is deeply rooted in our mission. We believe that marketing is a profound tool, not just for the effect it can have on sales and business growth, but for the impact it can have on consumers — on people. Practicing heart-centered marketing helps business owners discover the true meaning behind their products and feel empowered to make a difference in the world. 

This philosophy is quite ethereal. Our work is creative, and creativity can be messy. Being able to balance that with structure and discipline has been transformative.

What would you say to someone who’s considering implementing EOS?

Do it! EOS is not just some theory. It’s a system that creates real structure, and that structure makes space.

With Bob’s guidance, EOS has helped me organize all my ideas and intentions in a way that helps me move my business forward in a tangible way. By imploring systems like the Accountability Chart and Level 10 meetings, I can focus more of my energy on the creative work I love and thrive at, while feeling confident that I’m building a business that works for me and my team. Working with Bob and implementing EOS has been an incredible growth experience.