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Our job here OpExNow Advisers is to help you determine if the EOS® system is right for your company and if the timing is correct to implement it.  You have my personal guarentee to help you make these decisions with out trying to sell you something your business does not need.  As business owners we all know how much time can be wasted chasing the next shiny object.  I can assure you the EOS® is not that.  If fact it is just the opposite.

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The EOS® model

Strengthen the Six Key Components of Your Business with EOS...

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About EOS®

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a complete set of...

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Here is some great reference material to help you understand what EOS®is

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Schedule a 90 minute meeting. Weather you do business with us or not we will provide you with one of the most power planning tools for a small to medium size business. The power is in it's simplicity.

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About Me

Bob spent the last 26 years on an entrepreneurial journey starting several companies.  He founded an IT products and services company in 1992.  Success came after years of tough lessons, sleepless nights and relentless stress.  These challenges led Bob to an HTG leadership peer group where he discovered the book Traction by Gino Wickman, which illuminates The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®).

He implemented EOS® in his own business because he recognized the power of a simple, holistic way of operating a small business. EOS® was able to clarify his company’s vision, gain consistent traction and vastly improve team health.  EOS® helped Bob to formalize his leadership team and solve even the toughest business challenges. Ultimately Bob’s quality of life improved and his company flourished.

​Bob successfully sold his company to a local business owner in 2018.  Because of the tremendous changes EOS® brought to his IT company he decided it was time to return to his entrepreneurial roots by implementing EOS® for other companies. His passion to help other small business owners succeed continues to grow exponentially.

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